One-stop shop.

Quickly obtain a real-time understanding of project production and operational information, along with health and safety information.

Real-Time Data

Whether you’re on or off site, stay connected to all components of the job site. Know exactly what’s happening with your workforce, all in real-time


Access crew locations, manpower composition data, and active cost codes, along with unique insights such as clash detection, morale management, and more


Benefit from real-time risk factor identification, PPE and certification enforcement, incident logs, environmental conditions, and more

Real-Time Awareness

WorkerSense® leverages the power of real-time, sensor-driven data to deliver truly unparalleled job site awareness capabilities to project teams. Fewer questions, more action.

The web platform is broken down into a primary dashboard, along with increasingly granular Production and Health and Safety dashboards, ensuring easy platform understanding for new users, while maintaining a high capability ceiling.

Automated Production

Traditionally, production management is a challenging balance of extracting production information from crews, with the risk of bogging them down due to manual data entry. Thanks to the WorkerSense® sensory ecosystem, you’re able to tap into extensive production, efficiency, and operational data streams, without any data entry from your workforce.

Within the Production dashboard, view dollar-saving insights such as real-time workforce composition, arrival and exit times, active work zones, cost codes, and more. Additionally, take advantage of efficiency-geared analyses such as clash detection, morale management, and travel time insights.

No Worker Left Behind

Production rates are important, but they take a back seat to workforce health, wellness, and safety. WorkerSense® provides a broad-spectrum EH&S management solution, combining rapid incident detection and response capabilities with predictive risk identification tools.

In addition to critical, high-level EH&S insights, WorkerSense® has a strong commitment to the physical wellness of the workforce. Take advantage of ergonomics recommendations, hydration tracking, and more, to ensure your workforce is energized and attentive on the job.

The future is here. Are you ready for it?