Your job site companion.

Instant access to personal health and safety recommendations, work history, project information, complimentary benefits, and more.

Personalized Health

Easy access to personal health and safety recommendations, including nearby risk factors, hydration and exposure data, and more

Work History

View recent timecards, shift composition, and cost codes worked on, to make sure you get credit for work done on the job


Personal health extends beyond the job site. Take advantage of complimentary health, fitness, and general wellness benefits

Health and Safety Insights

An educated workforce is a safe workforce. With sensor-driven, personalized health and safety insights at the fingertips of each worker, expect heightened safety attentiveness, and greater self-care.

As a tradesman on a WorkerSense® job site, easily access hydration recommendations, exertion and exposure data, ergonomics analyses, and risk factor proximity rankings.

Production Transparency

Transparency and data democracy is a fundamental pillar of the WorkerSense® platform. Within the WorkerSense® Tradesman App, easily access your detailed production history and work activity log, along with additional information about project progression and more.

Accountability is a two-way street, so we made sure the labor force has direct access to a record of the work they’ve put in on the job. Credit is always due.

Free Benefits

Personal health is not confined to the job site. WorkerSense® is dedicated to improving worker health on and off the job site through the recent launch of our Benefits Program.

Now, tradesmen within the WorkerSense® ecosystem have access to discounted healthy meals, gym memberships and workout classes, skills courses, and more- entirely free of charge. We seek to make healthy lifestyles fast and affordable as a means of driving broader health and safety improvements industry-wide.

The future is here. Are you ready for it?