Big screens, big results.

We set out to build the job site of the future- and what job site of the future doesn’t have a command center?

Big-Screen Data

Experience highly actionable, easily understandable, Apple TV-driven job site insights through passive dashboards on the big screen


In addition to the standard set of WorkerSense® data streams, easily tie in job site cameras, DJI drone feeds, and more


Whether you’re gamifying safety protocols or communicating project information, WorkerSense® COMMAND delivers

Easy-Access Site Data

As the construction world continues to digitize, we know the influx of tools and platforms can be overwhelming.

WorkerSense® COMMAND is a great way to introduce a project team to what WorkerSense® has to offer, without any training or software acclimation. Our easy to read, highly intuitive dashboards are up on the wall, and easily accessible- no downloading apps, no creating accounts needed.

Exciting Integrations

WorkerSense® COMMAND plays well with others- providing you with a job site command center that goes beyond WorkerSense® data streams.

Take advantage of our universal camera stream tool to add virtually any internet-connected job site camera natively into the COMMAND platform. Additionally, utilize Drone Connect to display a live feed from select DJI drones as you survey your job site.

The future is here. Are you ready for it?