Effortless, real-time data.

Experience the power of wearable sensors— thousands of empirical data points every minute, for every worker.

Real-Time Data

The powerhouse of the WorkerSense ecosystem, our T9 Wearable Sensors provide thousands of empirical data points per worker, per minute


We’re here to make your life easier. That’s why all of our sensors are LTE-enabled, offering out of the box, unbounded, real-time connection

Built Tough

With the toughest wearable sensors on the market, you’ll benefit from uninterrupted real-time reporting, through rain, shine, snow, dust, and anything else thrown at them


In the variable world of a construction site, individual monitoring is a near necessity. As the labor force sees various exposure and exertion conditions, nearby risk factors, and more, wearable sensors are the only sure-fire way to ensure safe operation.

Benefit from multiple onboard sensors, including 9-axis motion, temperature, humidity, light, and more, providing you with unparalleled worker-specific insights.

Smart Assignment

In order to properly capitalize on the actionable insights wearable sensors provide, you’ll need a way of associating a particular sensor with a particular worker.

Leverage the T9 Smart Mount to automatically associate the wearable and the wearer, all while providing a secure attachment for the sensor itself. On arrival, simply grab any sensor, mount it, and you’re ready to go- the T9 Wearable Sensor will identify the mount, and report accordingly

Following the Curve

Thanks to the WorkerSense® hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) model, we’re able to match your manpower curve as your project progresses, ensuring that you only pay for the number of sensors you need.



Weight 45 g
Size 114×32×15 mm (Length×Width×Height)
Operating Temperature Range -10° to 40°C (14° to 104°F)
Operating Frequency 2.400-2.4835 GHz
0.698-3.000 GHz
Satellite Systems GPS+GLONASS
IMU Single 9-Axis IMU
Internal Storage 4 MB


Capacity 400 mAh
Voltage 3.3 V
Charging Voltage Limit 6.2 V
Battery Type LiPo 1S
Energy 1.32 Wh
Weight 9 g
Charging Temperature 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)


Weight 21 g
Size 147×45×18 mm (Length×Width×Height)
Operating Temperature Range -10° to 40°C (14° to 104°F)
Adhesive 3M® VHB 5952