Straightforward fleet management.

No one likes untangling cables. Easily manage the charging of hundreds of sensors, and look cool doing it with the WorkerSense® Charging Wall.

High Capacity

Charge up to fifty (50) T9 Wearable Sensors at once. Add more Charging Walls near access points to cut down on bottlenecking


Available space is rarely in excess on a busy job site. With a wall-mounted solution, keep your sensor fleet easily accessible without compromising space

Awesome Looking

Our Charging Walls are constructed with matte black-anodized sheet metal, and remote-controlled LED accents… because, why not?

Easy Fleet Management

When you’re outfitting your workforce with WorkerSense® sensors, you’ll need somewhere to keep them. We’ve designed a self-contained, wall-mounted solution to make sure you’re never scrambling to charge your sensors, or keep track of them.

Each Charging Wall is hand-assembled here in Los Angeles, built from matte black-anodized sheet metal with fifty (50) nylon-braided magnetic charging cables compatible with all generations of T9 Wearable Sensors.

Wall Mounted

Keep your fleet charged, and out of the way.

Our Charging Walls are mounted with four (4) M8 screws, utilizing eight (8) mounting zones to ensure easy stud alignment. Plug in to a single standard 120 V outlet, and you’re ready to go.



Weight 45 kg
Size 1107×306×94 mm (Length×Width×Height)
Operating Temperature Range -10° to 40°C (14° to 104°F)