Something for Everybody

Leveraging the immensity of information yielded by wearable solutions, WorkerSense® delivers extensive value to all project stakeholders.

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Fine-Tune Your Operations

Leverage WorkerSense® to streamline coordination with your subcontractors, remotely manage your self-performing crews, and ensure the safety and wellbeing of your collective workforce.

Manpower Insights

Real-time workforce composition, and more.

Schedule Integration

Automated work logging with site management integration.

Improved Safety

Passive incident prevention and detection.


Let data-driven transparency boost your operations.

One-Stop Production Automation

WorkerSense® delivers full-project awareness, ensuring that your project teams are constantly aware of who’s on site, where they are, and what they’re doing.

Benefit from real-time workforce composition reporting, informing you of on-site subcontractors, arrival times, headcounts, and more. Additionally, take advantage of easy to understand location information and production logging.

Workforce Composition

Real-time subcontractor headcounts, arrival times, and rosters

Schedule Integration

Easily compare scheduled production to actual production (supported platforms only)

Production Logging

Automated timecard, man hours, cost code, and activity logging

Clash Detection

Identify where and when your subcontractors are working on top of one another

Efficiency Analysis

Detailed breakdowns of travel time, rest time, and work time

Engagement Opportunities

Reach out to automatically spotlighted workers to build workforce engagement

Unparalleled Safety Overwatch

WorkerSense® offers industry-leading predictive and responsive EH&S capabilities, making sure that in the chaotic world of construction, every worker makes it home safely.

Heat Stress Prevention

Real-time WBGT and exertion data, actively referenced to OSHA TLVs

Risk Proximity

Know in real-time if workers are near fall risk zones, confined spaces, high-noise environments, and more

Fall Detection

Onboard motion sensors to detect falls, head bumps, and more

PPE Requirements

Get notified when workers enter areas that require heightened PPE


Track time spent on floor and overhead work to avoid long-term injuries

Certification Enforcement

Be alerted if workers enter areas or operate machinery they’re not certified for

Ecosystem Integration

You’ve built your project technology stack carefully, and the last thing we want to do is interfere. Built as an augmentative tool, WorkerSense® integrates with a variety of platforms to ensure a completely connected project data loop.