Hands-On, Data Driven.

Don't let your data go to waste. In addition to the benefit of our collection of user-friendly "self serve" analysis tools, it's not uncommon for clients to leverage our team's expertise and bandwidth to take a deeper look into their data to ensure optimal process design and operational efficiency. We work closely with your team to determine operational improvement objectives, desired analysis areas, and a clear roadmap to implementation.

  • Project Delivery Efficiency

  • Safety Program Design and Adherence

  • Optimal Resource Placement

  • Traditional Time & Motion Analysis

Core Analysis Areas

Analysis Area

Timekeeping and Man Hours

Routine assessment of work schedule adherence and man hour variances.

Work start delay, work end delay, man hours & production yield comparison, workforce-wide man hour trends, and more.

Activity Patterns and Workforce Behavior

Day-to-day operational activity analysis.

Operational zone traffic analysis, man hours per specified workfront, access violation reports, and more.

Efficiency and Operational Design

Comprehensive data-driven study of process design efficiency and efficacy.

Travel path visualization, travel time composition by crew, per-work zone travel time analysis, operational recommendations, and more.

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