Time is money.

The Covid-19 pandemic not only strained global logistics, it underscored how critical they are— and, to some extent, how vulnerable. Even before the pandemic hit, companies were mapping new strategies to cope with labor shortages, disruptive competitors, and many other challenges. The pandemic amplified the urgency around all these issues, furthering the importance of technology as a dynamic solution.

WorkerSense® can help you navigate this fast-changing landscape and provide the technology and operational capabilities that will enable you to compete, innovate, and grow. Drawing from a vast trove of experience, we help our clients with operational design, labor maximization, and a range of workforce safety functionalities that can help lead to significant cost savings.

Focus Areas

Sea Ports

Coastal Commercial Shipping and Cargo Ports

Dry Ports

Inland Terminals and Logistics Facilities


Staging and Transfer Freight Railroad Facilities

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