WorkerSense® – What is Digital Transparency?

What is Digital Transparency?

Find predictability in a chaotic world. With digital workforce transparency, let real data diagnose your problems, drive your decisions, and inform your evaluations.

Health and Safety

More accurately assess risk and understand incidents.

Maximized Output

Eliminate inefficiencies and identify ideal output.

Competitive Edge

Clients value transparency, and are willing to pay for it.

Improved Awareness

Benefit from a data-rich operational picture.

Our approach

Transparency as a Platform

Digital transparency is the foundation from which the WorkerSense® ecosystem is built on. Whether you're monitoring progress off-site, investigating an incident in the field, or bidding for your biggest opportunity yet- transparency starts the conversation.

First of all for us is getting that [digital transparency] data in front of smart people who do this every day and exposing those performance gaps to them. Then they will solve it.

Jim Nolan
Bechtel Construction

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