Client: Lockwood Build
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Managing, Remotely.

Keen on new technology and tasked with managing multiple projects in the Los Angeles area concurrently, Lockwood Build decided to deploy the WorkerSense® platform to ensure that in the midst of a busy production schedule, no operational detail was missed.

The Lockwood Build team took advantage of automatically generated timecard reports, streamlining payroll processes and ensuring accuracy. Additionally, the real-time dashboard was used to stay on top of crew arrivals, work activity, and general project progression- allowing for uninterrupted operational awareness from anywhere in the city.

Automated Timecards

Automatically generated timecard reports offered accurate and streamlined payroll

Remote Progression Tracking

Real-time dashboards for desktop and tablet provided 24/7 operational awareness

“The level of detail in the WorkerSense dataset, specifically on the performance side, allows me to much better allocate my resources, and streamline my management time. This gave Lockwood the ability to start and manage more projects, maintaining high quality work and tight schedules.”

Martin Studley, Project Manager

The Bigger Picture…

In addition to an improved project experience, Lockwood Build leveraged WorkerSense® to its full extent to find value beyond the work day.

Lockwood Build opted to share real-time project progression data with the project owner, using heightened transparency as an opportunity to increase the likelihood of future project wins. Further, retrospective production and efficiency analyses will contribute to smarter future bids, allowing for more accurate pricing and manpower projections.

Data Sharing

Project data shared with the owner improved their working relationship, and opened the door to future work

Better Bidding

Historical efficiency and production reports used to more accurately and competitively structure future bids

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