Seamless environmental context.

Quickly flag areas of the job site with risk factors, PPE requirements, cost codes, and more, all in under a minute.

Cheap, Disposable

WorkerSense® AO-1 Rapid Deployment Tags are extremely low cost and last for more than three years, designed to be installed, and forgotten about

Location Data

Enrich your data set with categorical location data, supporting easy location filtering, natural language inquiries, and big data potential


In addition to location information, easily associate production, health, and safety data points to physical areas of the job site

Quick and Disposable

Setting up technological infrastructure on the job site can be exhausting and sluggish, often unable to cope with quickly growing projects or unique builds.

The WorkerSense® AO-1 Rapid Deployment Tag was designed with speed and function in mind, offering data-rich location tagging in a mere 30-45 seconds. Energy dense, expect your tags to last over three years, constantly advertising the various sets of information they’re programmed with.

High Actionability

WorkerSense® AO-1 Rapid Deployment Tags prioritize categorical data streams, resulting in highly actionable job site automation.

Risk factors, PPE and certification requirements, cost codes, activity IDs, and more, can all be directly assigned to a location and discriminated by subcontractor. This allows for full stack safety and production automation, circumventing the need for data entry, as well as data action.

Remote Configuration

Find yourself needing to reconfigure risk factors or update a cost code? No need to stress. AO-1 Rapid Deployment Tags can be reprogrammed over-the-air (OTA), allowing for completely remote job site infrastructure configuration.



Weight 173 g
Size 87×68×17 mm (Length×Width×Height)
Operating Temperature Range -10° to 40°C (14° to 104°F)
Operating Frequency 2.400-2.4835 GHz


Capacity 3 Ah
Voltage 3.0 V
Battery Type 2 x AA
Energy 9.00 Wh
Weight 46 g